Legacy Center is proud to have partnered with Michigan’s leading massage and facial stretch therapy team, Tri-Covery. Tri-Covery is the industry standard when it comes to taking an active approach to sports medicine and everyday health & wellness. We are proud to offer an onsite option for facility and community members alike.

  • Detroit PAL Certified Coach since 2006
  • Southfield Jayhawks Coaching Staff for 6 Years – Part of 3 National Championships
  • Recovery Specialist since 2013
  • Official Massage Therapist for the Detroit Lions
  • Former football, basketball, tennis and swimming athlete
  • Happily married to his wife Katherine and father to his son Chris Junior

Massage Offerings

Sports Massage

Specifically designed for people involved in regular physical activity, sports massage is ideal for promoting healing, promoting recovery and preventing / treating injury. The focus of sports massage isn’t on relaxation, but on preventing and treating injury as a way to enhance training and performance.

Sports massage is a direct descendant of Swedish massage, but employs a variety of techniques used in combination to provide an overall benefit. Specifically, sports massage therapy is designed to alleviate muscle tension, inflammation and improve flexibility and range of motion.

The long, smooth strokes of Swedish massage are often used to improve blood flow, enhance metabolic waste removal and provide overall relaxation of tense muscles and connective tissue. In addition, trigger point techniques are often used to alleviate adhesions (knots) and allow muscles and connective tissues to relax and regain their original/natural positions. These are just two of the many techniques a massage therapist may combine while performing a sports massage.

Any athlete, whether amateur or professional, can benefit from sports massage. Sports massage techniques can be used pre- and post-event for different purposes. Pre-event or pre-training massage can serve to warm up the muscles, increase blood flow and improve flexibility. Post-event therapy can serve to speed recovery and provide relaxation of hard-working muscles and joints, while helping to remove metabolic wastes like lactic acid.

Even if you are not an athlete, a sports massage may be helpful in the relief of tension, muscle soreness, joint pain, back pain, muscle spasms and general soreness or fatigue.

Recovery Massage

The right combination of massage can utilize your body’s natural way to recover and heal, especially if recovering from training and/or injuries. Tri-Covery will use massage techniques to speed your recovery time, maximizing your training and performance.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

About Stretch Sessions

Tri-Covery offers stretch sessions, typically a 15-30 minute stretch session where you relax and let our therapists do all the work. This can help relieve joint stiffness, sluggish legs, sore muscles and chronic tightness. A stretch session can be provided by itself or used in conjunction with other fitness sessions for maximum benefits
Financial Commitment:

30 Minute Session: $50
60 Minute Session: $100
90 Minutes Session: $150
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