Knockout Fusion

This class is high energy and a calorie burning blast! Total body sculpting with all different fun formats including: boxing, kickboxing, karate, core and cardio! Every workout is different!

Total Muscle Conditioning

This is a 4 month periodization class with a brand new workout every time! It trains your muscles in very different ways to challenge and confused them so they don’t adapt. You are guaranteed to see results with strength and definition in the 4 month commitment! You start at YOUR fitness level and work up from there.

Sweat and Chisel

Come and join us in the studio for a total body workout focusing on both strength training with mini bursts of cardio!

Healthy Backs Yoga (Flexibility)

Slower paced class with a focus on building back and core strength. Starts with warm-up postures to heat the body followed by recovery stretches for a healthy spine that moves in all six directions. Perfect compliment to all lifestyles and fitness modalities.

Athlete Yoga

Any Legacy Athlete can drop into our yoga classes for $5. Classes are designed specifically for athletic performance. Primarily focuses on flexibility and recovery with more emphasis on recovery.

Yoga has been proven to enhance sports performance and many athletes attribute yoga to a long, successful athletic career. We also can accomodate entire teams to practice yoga together. Contact our Athlete Yoga Director Nicole Ferguson to schedule your team today!

Cardio Blast

Disintegrate fat and shape your muscles with our Cardio Blast classes.

We combine strength exercises with bursts of cardio for an overall interval training workout.

Yin Yoga (Recovery)

A restorative form of yoga that is suitable for all levels.

This class is a great compliment for athletic and sports performance. This class is hatha based while incorporating yin to balance and stretch both muscles and fascia tissue. Great for active recovery and a necessary compliment to all other Legacy workouts.

Vinyasa Yoga (Strength)

Higher heated class with more complex posture flows. Some core work and cardio are mixed in to make it a full mind and body workout. Upbeat music is played with a calming stretch to end the class.